Contact me

If you would like to reach out, I would love to hear from you! 

A few things to keep in mind:

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page or if you’re a little old-school, such as myself, you can directly email me, which I have also posted at the bottom of this page.

Before you reach out, please understand the following statements and disqualifiers::

-No, I won’t insert your link to various articles in my future blog post

-No, I’m not interested in hiring a web designer, I’m a mom of five and starving amateur writer; I know my sites a mess, but I find the most beauty in things that are wild and flawed! 

And please, please if you are in a crisis situation and need someone to talk to, I have listed some amazing links on the resource page that can be of immediate assistance!

I have too many kids to keep up with emails instantly, but I promise to get back with you within 24-48 hours after sending a contact request. Thank you all for your patience.

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